In celebration of our 50th anniversary, the ESRC in partnership with SAGE, launched a writing competition to celebrate and foster science writing skills in our next generation of social scientists.

The prize encouraged ESRC-funded PhD students to take a creative leap forward to 2065 to envisage how their research or discipline will change the world. The awards ceremony was held at the House of Commons on 10 November 2015.

Overall winner 

James Fletcher - City Inc

City Inc imagines London 50 years from now, where social science and finance has transformed the capital into a fifth state.


Josephine Go Jefferies - They know how much oxygen I breathe, which is fine by me

Josephine explores the potential impact of climate change and its effect on wellbeing and resources.


Gioia Barnbrook - The World in 2065: A rapidly changing climate and a renewed social science

Gioia offers an alternate imagining of the impact of climate change and the role social science plays in counterbalancing its effects.