An overview of the management team at ESRC.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team comprises the Executive Chair, Directors and Deputy Directors. 

Teams and strategic leads

  • Governance and Policy Team - Team Head: Sara Slade
    The Governance and Policy team supports the ESRC Council and provides the support function for the Executive Office and Directors and Deputy Directors, oversees corporate governance and compliance, and co-ordinates ESRC input into official consultations and enquiries.  The team is also responsible for Research Funding Policy and Grants training.
  • Data and Infrastructure Programme - Team Heads: Beccy Shipman (Head of Data Collections Infrastructure), Bridget Taylor (Head of Data Strategy) and Richard Welpton (Head of Data Services Infrastructure) 
    The Data and Infrastructure Programme plans, oversees and manages the ESRC’s data services, collections and resources, ranging from infrastructures that provide data access, to longitudinal studies, to platforms which enable data analytics. This represents a huge portfolio of strategic investment which underpins the UK’s world-leading social science research landscape.
  • Environment - Strategic Lead: Susie Stevenson
    The Environment team leads the ESRC’s research commissioning, development and management activities for areas including climate change, environmental planning and sustainability, energy, transport and infrastructure. We work in collaboration and partnership with a wide range of other research funders and external stakeholders, both in the UK and internationally.
  • Evaluation Team - Head: Rachel Iredale
    The Evaluation Team has lead responsibility for designing, commissioning and delivering ESRC’s programme of strategic evaluations. Focusing on the largest funding investments, as well as some selective scheme level projects, we ensure rigorous and credible evaluation evidence emerges. We explore what works, for whom, why, and in what contexts, in order to understand and evidence the impact of our investments. Working closely with colleagues in ESRC, and across UKRI, we endeavour to drive continuous improvements in our activity by evaluating the scale, nature and determinants of the impact of our investments. The Evaluation Team champions the use of evaluation evidence for the organisation to use, understand, act upon, and make better strategic decisions.
  • Grants Delivery Team - Head: Lorna Friis
    The Grants Delivery Team (GDT) is the centre of expertise within ESRC for managing commissioning calls and related grants processing activity, and for undertaking high quality peer review for managed and responsive mode grants.  Responsibility for supporting the responsive mode Grants Assessment Panels also rests within the team.  Working in partnership with all teams across ESRC, GDT aims to set high standards for delivering efficient and innovative solutions to commissioning activities.
  • Health and Human Behaviour - Strategic Lead: Naomi Beaumont
    The Health and Human Behaviour team develops, commissions and manages research and KE activities in the areas of health, ageing, behaviour, wellbeing, education, and linguistics and processes standard grant applications in the disciplines of psychology, demography, education and linguistics.
  • ISCF Delivery Team - Head: Bruce Etherington
    The ISCF Delivery Team develops and manages opportunities for the UK social sciences research base to contribute its expertise, skills and capabilities to the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, so that societal impact is maximised. This is achieved through working with the ISCF Challenge teams and the social sciences research community to create large scale research programmes.
  • Innovation and Business Engagement - Strategic Lead: Nicola Mitchell
    The Innovation and Business team oversees ESRC’s business engagement and innovation funding, including our investment in Impact Acceleration Accounts, the Innovation Caucus and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships as well as ESRC’s engagement with the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.
  • Insights - Strategic Lead: Alex Hulkes
    The ESRC Insights team builds the organisational expertise needed to scope, gather, understand, share and act on evidence, and helps us to use evidence to inform decisions
  • International Development - Strategic Lead: Pam Mason
    The International Development team supports research and research related activities relevant to international development. It manages a large portfolio of collaborative programmes with the Department for International Development and other research councils. It also manages the disciplines of area and development studies and social anthropology.
  • International Strategy - Strategic Lead: Lewis Preece
    The International Strategy team leads on the development of ESRC's international strategy and establishes and maintains the international partnerships required to deliver the ESRC's strategic goals. The team is responsible for the embedding and integration of international activity across all of ESRC's programmes. We manage a portfolio of activities that engages funders and other partners from around the globe.
  • Operations Team - Head: to be appointed
    The Operations team, reporting to the ESRC Chief Operating Officer, supports the management of ESRC resources (colleagues and budgets) in close collaboration with UKRI central services. The team is also responsible for managing ESRC’s engagement with UKRI change and transformation activities, ESRC internal comms and staff engagement activities, and the management of the ESRC admin team which provides general administrative support for ESRC.
  • Public Policy and Engagement- Strategic Lead: Nina Marshall
    The Policy and Practice Impact team aims to identify evidence of effective impact support and maximise the impact of ESRC investment on policy and practice decision-making for better social and economic outcomes.  We work across ESRC, managing our strategic relationships with government, parliamentary and not-for-profit sector and identifying opportunities for strategic alignment and demand for social science evidence
  • Skills and Methods - Strategic Lead: Lucy Thorne
    The Skills and Methods cluster manages investment and policies in the area of researcher development across the life course and methodological skills and innovation. This includes the ESRC's Doctoral Training Network, support for early career researchers and major research methods investments and developing our evolving strategy to support research leadership in the social sciences.
  • Society, Governance and Security - Strategic Lead: Andrew Stafford
    The Society, Governance and Security team leads the ESRC’s research commissioning, development and management activities for areas including security, crime and justice, migration, governance and politics, public services and economics.
  • Strategy - Strategic Lead: Christina Rowley
    The Strategy team leads on the development, implementation and co-ordination of ESRC's strategic engagement with key academic partners (including research organisations, learned societies and fellow UK social science funders). The team is also responsible for monitoring corporate progress against the objectives set out in our Delivery Plan, for overseeing the process for reviewing submissions to our 'Big Ideas' Pipeline and for managing and convening ESRC's Strategic Advisory Network.
  • Strategic Hub Team, ADR UK programme - Team heads: Emma Gordon, Rosie French, Ed Morrow
    ADR UK’s mission is to transform the way researchers access the UK’s wealth of public sector data. By joining up the abundance of administrative data already being created by government and public bodies across the UK and facilitating safe and secure access to this data for approved researchers, ADR UK is creating a sustainable resource that will provide valuable insights into how our society and economy function. This approach is tailored to give decision makers the answers they need to solve important policy questions, driving change that has the potential to improve lives across the UK.

    ADR UK is currently made up of three national partnerships - ADR Scotland, ADR Wales and ADR Northern Ireland - and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and is coordinated by a UK-wide Strategic Hub. This structure allows each of the UK nations to have a dedicated secure research centre and research expertise, focusing in on its individual policy needs while also enabling UK-wide research. Each ADR UK partner works closely with expert researchers from academic institutions and other research bodies, as well as government data holders and policymakers, to ensure the best evidence possible is available to inform policy and practice.

    The ADR UK Strategic Hub team is based in ESRC, with staff in London and Swindon, and provides strategic leadership to facilitate effective data acquisition, promote impact and create wider recognition of the potential benefits of research using administrative data. The Strategic Hub team also coordinates and leads public engagement activities at a UK level, to help us in developing and maintaining public understanding of the benefits associated with the use of administrative data for research.

  • Work, Education and Skills - Strategic Lead: Sarah Church
    The Work, Education and Skills team is responsible for developing, commissioning and managing research and knowledge exchange investments across the fields of work, enterprise and productivity, management and business studies, technology, education and skills. The team oversees the development of a number of ESRC priority areas including Productivity, Future of Work, Educational Outcomes and Living with Technology. We work in collaboration and partnership with a wide range of external stakeholders and other research funders to maximise the impact of our investments.