Due to changes to HM Revenue & Customs regulations, ESRC (in line with all other Research Councils) are changing the way in which attendance fees and travel & subsistence (T&S) claims are being paid.

The following documents are for use by Non-Part-Time Office Holders (Anyone who is not a UKRI Board Member, ARAPC Member, Council Member or employee - for example peer review and other board/panel members, board/panel chairs, advisory board and network members, monitoring officers, workshop attendees, interviewees etc).

The following documents are for use by Part-Time Office Holders (UKRI Board Members, ARAPC Members, Council Members) and for anyone receiving an honorarium.

ESRC staff must submit travel and subsistence claims through iExpenses.

Please send your completed form to your ESRC contact along with any relevant paperwork (eg receipts).

Latest version of the policy

Please note that 5.2.5 of the policy does not apply to non-ESRC employees.