Our research makes a difference. It shapes public policies and makes businesses, voluntary bodies and other organisations more effective.

Our priorities

Between 2016-2020 we will invest in areas of national priority, mobilising social science evidence to address significant social and economic challenges. Our initial priority areas for investment across all areas of our portfolio are:

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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan sets out our prospectus for what social science can and must do over the next few years. In consultation with academics, government and other partners, we have identified specific areas of strategic challenge for the social sciences.

Delivery Plan

Our Delivery Plan and scorecard are developed for a period of three years after the completion of a government spending review. The Delivery Plan sets out our high-level funding priorities and the activities which will be taken forward over the spending review period. 

Annual Report 

Our Annual Report provides information our activities during the previous financial year including an analysis of our research and training expenditure, and our research portfolio.