An alliance of research funders, including charities, Research Councils and the UK Health Departments, are pooling resources to support the UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP), a new initiative in prevention research. A funding call will follow later in 2017.

The UKPRP will approach this challenge through a £40-£50 million initiative to support multidisciplinary research teams investigating the upstream and environmental determinants of health relevant to a range of non-communicable diseases. Unravelling these complex interactions, and using the understanding to sustainably improve the health of the public and narrow health inequalities, requires an integrated approach from a broad range of disciplines.

To help ensure impact there will be a focus on stimulating new multi-disciplinary research collaborations, working with policy makers, providers and professionals and with a range of industry sectors, to help to deliver sustainable, implementable and cost-effective solutions. The UKPRP also aims to build on the emerging opportunities in technology and data science and will align closely with aspirations laid out in the Academy of Medical Sciences report ‘Improving the health of the public by 2040’.

The UKPRP Information and Networking workshop was held on 18 May and the first funding call will be launched in the autumn.