We are committed to ensuring that our website and online resources are accessible to everyone.

Access keys

Access keys provide a keyboard shortcut for users who wish to go directly to a specific part of the website. They also help users who don’t use a pointing device, such as a mouse. 

  • S = Search
  • N = Skip navigation
  • 1 = Homepage
  • 2 = Accessibility
  • 3 = Text size
  • 4 = Contact us
  • 5 = Terms of use
  • 6 = Privacy and cookies
  • 7 = Sitemap

To activate access keys you need to use them in combination with other keys depending on your web browser and operating system. 

Firefox 2+

  • Windows and Linux: Alt + SHIFT + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + Access Key

Google Chrome 3+

  • Windows and Linux: Alt + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + Option + Access Key

Internet Explorer 6 and 7

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key + Enter

Internet Explorer 8+

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key


  • Windows and Mac: SHIFT + ESC first, then Access Key

Safari 3

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + Access Key

Safari 4+

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + Option + Access Key

Alternative text

All images on our website are accompanied by suitable alternative text (alt-text) which describes the image or its function. 


All text links on our website have clear and descriptive titles so that they make sense when read out of context. Links to non-ESRC websites and documents will open a new window.

Text size

You can change the font size by selecting your preferred ‘A’ size using the letters at the top right of all our web pages. 

Visual design

We use cascading stylesheets (CSS) for the visual layout of our website. If your browser or browsing device does not support CSS, or if you turn CSS off in your browser, you should still be able to read the content of each page.


Our videos are hosted on YouTube and embedded in pages on our website. We aim to provide subtitles/captions for all our videos. 

Older versions of our website

You can view previous versions of our website in The National Archives website archive