Hannah Swift

  • University: School of Psychology, University of Kent
  • Collaborating partner: Age UK
  • Title of PhD project: The Social, Psychological and Behavioural Consequences of Ageism

The benefits of working in a collaborative environment on my personal development have been...

Most importantly it allows you to think creatively about how your research in a particular discipline can be applied and contribute effectively to deliver the goals of the host organisation. More than this though, I have developed my communication and presentation skills, I have increased my confidence and the whole experience has provided me with an opportunity to learn new skills. 

The benefits of working in collaborative environment on my PhD have been...

The collaborative environment enhances interdisciplinary connections, it makes you think more broadly about the audience of the research you are conducting and how to apply research finding to different disciplines in order to maximise impact.

Working with another organisation creates opportunities for collaboration, networking and maintaining links outside the university. My host organisation also provided extra opportunities for attending training and development workshops.

My experience has been really positive. I believe it has been a positive collaborative experience because both sides have been actively involved in my work

Results from my research so far...

I have been involved with a research report for Age UK, and two reports commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions. These will be disseminated at the British Society of Gerontology (BSG), at the European Association for Social Psychology (EASP) conference and at America’s Society of Gerontology (ASG). 

Dissemination opportunities...

I have presented at several conferences and attended many workshops. I have presented at a social identity and equality workshop held in Lisbon and I have presented my work to my host organisation. This year I have presented my work at EASP and BSG and I will be presenting at the ASG in November this year.

I have attended several workshops and seminars including Age UK’s annual conference, a course on multi-level modelling, dealing with the media, writing courses including a two day writing retreat. I have attended an equality and human rights commission series of seminars, events at NESTA, events by ILC-UK, I also attend All Party Parliamentary Group meetings at Westminster. 

Life after my PhD is...

I intend to apply for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Age UK, a placement I would not be applying for if I hadn’t already had the contacts through the internship. I would like to continue the connection I have made with Age UK.