The UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) are pleased to announce the ESRC-MOST UK-Taiwan Networking Grants call. The call will officially launch in the first week of November and is expected to close in the first week of January (exact dates to be confirmed). This notice is being issued to allow interested researchers to begin discussions with potential research partners in advance of the formal call for proposals.

Scope of the Call

This call seeks to improve the connectivity between UK and Taiwan social science research communities, by providing funding to groups of researchers to foster new connections, identify common interests, build networks and develop common research agendas, helping to lay the groundwork for future collaborative research activity. The intention is that the networking activities supported through these grants will enable new relationships between UK and Taiwan researchers to be formed; for existing relationships to be strengthened; and for the overall level of connection between the UK and Taiwan social science communities to be enhanced. The call is thematically open, meaning proposals may be submitted in any area of the social sciences that are within the remit of both ESRC and MOST. The total budget for the UK component of this call is £250,000 (with ESRC meeting 80% of full Economic Costs (fEC)) and an amount of NT$12,400,000 is available from MOST for the Taiwan component of the call (with MOST meeting 100% of costs). The UK component of a proposal may be a maximum of £31,000 (100% fEC - ESRC will meet 80% of fEC) and the Taiwan component of the proposal has an equivalent limit of NT$1,240,000 (funded at 100%). The maximum proposal length is 18 months.

Application Process

This call is co-funded between ESRC and MOST. Proposals should contain a UK component, to be funded by ESRC and a Taiwan component, to be funded by MOST. Proposals must reflect a programme of work that has been jointly developed between UK and Taiwan colleagues. ESRC and MOST will run a parallel application process to fund the UK and Taiwan components respectively. Therefore two separate applications must be submitted - one to ESRC and one to MOST. These two separate applications must contain a common document detailing the jointly developed programme of work. Further details will be provided in the call documents when the call is launched.

Key dates

The call will launch in the first week of November. The closing date is expected to be the first week of January 2021.