Pre-call announcement

In January 2019, ESRC will be announcing a UKRI GCRF Collective Programme call to fund research grants under the theme of equitable resilience. The call will be administered by ESRC on behalf of UKRI and in collaboration with NERC, AHRC and EPSRC. 

The World Bank calculates that 3.4 billion people, more than half the world’s population, are exposed to natural hazards. The combined pressure of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Sendai Framework creates a demand for transformation in the relationship between development and resilience, to support the poor and marginalised at risk and achieve sustainable and resilient livelihoods. Development of policy and interventions which address both disaster management and sustainable development together is currently a missed opportunity on a global scale. There is very little systematic evidence to inform policy and practice on how best to respond to this challenge and to address this gap this call will invite proposals on the following areas:

  • transformative adaptation 
  • survivor led humanitarian response 
  • enhancing local capacity through risk reduction
  • risk management-development co-benefits

Realising these opportunities requires interdisciplinary projects, covering social and economic, environmental, physical and engineering sciences, or the arts and humanities, working very closely with policy or practice, from local actors to global development and humanitarian organisations and private sector concerns active in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). The programme builds on pump-priming grants made under the NERC-ESRC-AHRC GCRF Building Resilience programme. 

It is expected that this call will launch in January 2019 with awards starting by January 2020.

A second resilience call will be administered by NERC under the theme of Multiple and Systematic Risk which is due to launch in early 2019.

Town meeting

ESRC will host a town hall meeting to explain the ambitions of this call in more detail. The town hall meeting will be held in central London on 7 February 2019. This event is open to anyone with an interest in the GCRF and development research opportunities, but tickets must be booked in advance