We are pleased to invite proposals for our New Investigator Grants. New Investigator Grants form one element of our support for early career researchers and the scheme is specifically aimed at supporting those looking to make the transition to an independent researcher through managing their first major research project.

The call is open to high-quality early career researchers from anywhere in the world who have the support of an eligible UK research organisation. Grants ranging from £100,000 to £300,000 full Economic Cost (fEC) can be awarded.

Proposals are welcomed across the full disciplinary range of the social sciences and at the interface with the wider sciences, however the social sciences must represent at least 50 per cent of the research focus and effort.

The call will operate alongside ESRC’s Research Grants open call and you can submit proposals at any time - there are no fixed closing dates. We aim to announce the majority of decisions within 26 weeks of receiving the proposal although we cannot guarantee this, since it is dependent on receiving sufficient good quality peer review comments within the necessary timescale.

We strongly encourage you to read our guidance on how to write a good application for a full understanding of what is required, and the various stages of the application process, to maximise your chances of gaining an award.

Changes to Pathways to Impact requirements

UK Research and Innovation has announced changes to requirements on ‘Pathways to Impact’. Applicants will no longer be required to provide a ‘Pathways to Impact’ plan or complete an ‘Impact Summary’ within all grant proposals from 1 March 2020.

The Je-S form for the ESRC New Investigator Grants call will be updated between 24 and 29 February 2020 to remove the ‘Pathways to Impact’ plan and ‘Impact Summary’ ahead of 1 March 2020.  ESRC recommends applicants avoid submitting proposals to the New Investigator call during this update period.

Call documents (for applications submitted prior to 24 February 2020)

Call documents (for applications submitted from 1 March 2020)

Additional documents