The Je-S document synchronisation (document return) functionality allows us to send back grant/fellowship proposals (pre-review) submitted through Je-S, where there is a need for applicants to provide additional or revised information.

Our request is returned to the Research Organisation's Submitting Pool (copied to the Principal Investigator/applicant), to allow appropriate changes to the proposal and for return. Please note that the returned Je-S document must be 'released' by the submitter to the PI/applicant to allow suitable changes to be incorporated. 

Je-S doc sync will be used to return relevant proposals submitted within research grant schemes (such as research / fellowship / outline proposals). It can only be used prior to the commencement of the peer review process. 

Je-S doc sync will only be used to allow applicants to make minor amendments to supporting information, not to make changes to the scientific case for support. Reasons may include reducing the size of a progress report or including a cover letter.

Any unauthorised changes may result in the proposal being rejected.

The default deadline for the applicant to make the required changes is five working days, though exceptionally this can be extended.