The option to invite a resubmission must only be used in exceptional circumstances where an unfunded project is of very high quality and the panel has established a clear rationale for allowing the applicants to amend and resubmit their proposal.  Invited resubmissions should not be used to address fundamental flaws in proposals or to address issues within proposals which are ranked as marginal due to a number of issues. 

Panels may only consider inviting a resubmission in the following circumstances:

  1. Where the proposal is judged to be of high quality but a moderate change could make it a very highly competitive proposal and in serious contention for funding.
  2. Where the proposal is clearly highly regarded by the panel but needs specific changes to be considered a very highly competitive proposal and in serious contention for funding. The nature of the change, in this particular case, could be more than moderate.
  3. This invitation to resubmit a proposal may be seen as an additional option to the traditional ESRC condition types, in particular as an alternative to a condition type 4, where the change requires a modification to the research proposal content. Please remember that there should be compelling evidence from the reviewers that this is a worthwhile exercise, which would result in a highly competitive proposal with a genuine prospect of being funded. Such proposals are likely to be really good ideas but are missing something which could be remedied.

On inviting a resubmission, the feedback from the panel should contain an explicit invitation to resubmit and clear guidance on the modifications which the panel believe would merit reconsideration of the proposal.

It is not expected that the applicants will be invited to rewrite the whole proposal; the resubmission will be expected to include specific changes which have the potential to make the proposal of the highest priority for funding.

ESRC staff will ensure that the applicants have addressed those specific issues before accepting the resubmission for processing.

Please remember that the resubmitted proposal will have to go back through peer review. It is not advisable to trigger this process unless you are confident that the proposed change(s) could be made to satisfy the reviewers'/panel's specific concerns.

Panels may wish to suggest additional reviewers who would be able to comment beyond those already approached on the original proposal.

There is no guarantee of funding upon submission of the second proposal. The resubmission must compete again against other new proposals. However, ESRC will look to reuse some of the referees and panel members who commented on the original proposal.