(previously known as grant- or project- linked studentships)

We have recently received a number of grant maintenance requests relating to historic associated studentships (previously known as grant- or project- linked studentships). You are reminded that if you were awarded a studentship as part of a research grant, and you were successful in identifying a student to undertake the project, then you must ensure that the costs associated with that studentship have been claimed from ESRC.  

If you have any outstanding claims relating to associated students that have started since October 2011 then you will need to ensure costs are reclaimed by the beginning of December 2015. You will not be able to claim for the studentship at the end of the grant. To claim costs, a grant maintenance request will need to be submitted, through Je-S, against the relevant doctoral training grant. Please refer to our Postgraduate Funding Guide (PDF, 331Kb) for more information on the process.

We will not be reimbursing studentships that started prior to 2011.

Please note, that in order to help us manage our profile of spend, we have now introduced a policy requiring claims for associated studentships to be made within three months of the student start date. 

After December 2015 we will not pay for any back dated claims. We will only pay for associated studentships if the student started on the grant within the previous three months (in cases where a student started over three months ago only the costs relating to the current and future quarters will be funded).  

Please ensure that all those in your organisation who have responsibility for claiming for associated studentships are made aware of this communication in sufficient time so they can check that all their studentships are being claimed for.