ESRC centres transition funding provides graduated follow-on funding for centres coming to an end of their ESRC centre funding. It provides a lower level of funding for an additional three to five years to reduce the ‘cliff edge’ effects of a sudden drop-off in funding at the end of the centre grant, maximise the impact of the research activity and investment to date and support centres to become self-sustaining.


ESRC centres are major ESRC strategic investments, funded at £2.5-10 million (100% full Economic Costs (fEC)) over five years. ESRC typically funds these investments, as standard, at 80% fEC.

In addition to taking forward an ambitious research agenda and making significant economic or societal impact, centres add value by increasing research infrastructure, building capacity, encouraging interdisciplinary working in social science and beyond, and enabling research collaboration in the UK and internationally.

In 2017 ESRC announced some changes in the funding model for centres following an internal policy review. This review recognised the strategic value of ESRC centres as beacons of research excellence, with high impact nationally and internationally. Centres also have a distinct role in supporting the development of early career researchers and building new research capacity and infrastructure.

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