ESRC Legacy Centre Status Review is a rigorous process of review to establish the ongoing excellence and credibility of a former ESRC centre. It provides the opportunity to apply for continued recognition as an ESRC centre for a further five year period.

Application is by invitation only. Centres will typically be invited to apply for this status as their transition funding comes to an end, having received between eight and 10 years of funding from the ESRC, and should be largely self-sustaining. 

If successful, legacy centre status will enable the centre to continue to brand itself as an ESRC centre, receive up to £100,000 funding over the five year period to support knowledge exchange and capacity building activities and seek advice and support from the ESRC in its communication and engagement activities. This extended period of recognition is intended to:

  • maximise the impact of the research activity and ESRC investment to date through support for knowledge exchange, capacity building and communication activities
  • support the centre through its assurance of excellence in leveraging further funding and supporting the centre's efforts to ensure the influence and use of its research


We recently reviewed and revised our centres policy with the aim of fostering and sustaining a larger number of centres over the longer term. The review recognised the strategic value of ESRC centres as beacons of research excellence, with high impact nationally and internationally and introduced a graduated funding pathway for centres, of which Legacy Centre Status is the third stage.

Further information about the review and the background and principles behind the revised funding model are detailed in our Centres Policy summary (PDF, 50Kb).

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