Which schools promote social mobility?

The selective system as a whole yields no mobility advantage of any kind to children from any particular origin: any assistance to low-origin children provided by grammar schools is cancelled out by the hindrance suffered by those who attended secondary moderns.

Re-introducing grammar schools and secondary moderns would not help improve social mobility, according to research based on the National Child Development Study9.

Academy Schools may provide a more fruitful way forward. A recent study from the Centre for the Economics of Education suggests that moving to a more autonomous school structure through conversion to academy status improves the quality of their pupil intake and improves pupil performance. Researchers also find significant external effects on the pupil intake and the pupil performance of neighbouring schools. All of these results are strongest for the schools that have been academies for longer and for those who experienced the largest increase in their school autonomy10.

Poor educational attainment linked to lower HE participation