A situational business analysis and change programme boosted SOG Ltd business tenancies, generated new business amounting to over £54,000, and improved tenant communication.


  • Revised pricing strategy for office and lab accommodation resulted in a conversion rate of 'hot enquiries' into signed tenancy licences that rose from 29 per cent to 68 per cent
  • The partnership led to the development of 'Resident Zone Web' - an online service to improve business-networking opportunities between tenant companies and to enhance tenant/SOG communications
  • As a result of research into effective marketing, a move to online advertising generated new business amounting to over £54,000
  • A partnership between SOG Ltd and a resident company, In2bus Ltd, has enabled new businesses to operate in a commercial environment at economic rates and with mentored support
  • Following the introduction of a customer care system to record tenant turnover, four companies chose to remain as tenants, with an annual value of over £29,000.

About the research

Business facilities provider SOG Ltd collaborated with the University of Liverpool in this ESRC-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership to perform a detailed situational analysis of the company, customer base and competitors, and implement a change programme to achieve business objectives. The company specialises in multi-tenant occupancy, providing facility services to office and laboratory accommodation.

The KTP partnership aimed to maximise business effectiveness and efficiency of The Heath Business and Technical Park, and define key elements of a robust company model for the successful regeneration of large business sites. The work included interviews with SOG Directors and tenant companies, questionnaires, visits to competitor sites and additional research, and findings were analysed to identify key themes.

The company has successfully transformed an earlier culture associated with a large organisation towards a more responsive, customer-orientated small service company.