Collaboration between Farleigh Education Group and the University of Bath helped to develop an e-learning based course for care and support workers, providing cost-effective training for up to 1,000 staff members.


  • The Knowledge Transfer Partnership established an e-learning based course for care and support workers working with children and young adults with Asperger's Syndrome
  • It provided cost-effective in-house training for up to 1,000 members of the Priory Group's staff through the e-learning model
  • The KTP designed, developed and delivered two websites in collaboration with two Farleigh Education Group schools
  • Transferred skills in e-learning, e-tutoring and e-moderating to staff at selected schools.

"The KTP project exceeded our expectations. Working with the university really stretched our thinking in terms of teaching methods and learning outcomes, and we've been impressed by the impact the KTP has had on our organisation." (Stephen Bradshaw, Managing Director of Priory Educational Services)

About the research

The Priory Group is the largest independent provider of specialist mental health and special education services in Europe, running six schools specifically for students with Asperger's Syndrome. Farleigh Education Group, now part of the Priory Group, identified a need within their organisation to develop and provide assessment and training for staff who support young people with Asperger's Syndrome in both their residential and mainstream schools.

The company collaborated with the University of Bath on a two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project which aimed to develop and implement a computer-based information and distance learning facility for staff. The KTP allowed a comprehensive and strategic approach to planning and delivering this new venture.

The KTP Associate, Geraldine Jones, conducted a full business analysis and identified key information systems that would support this area of work. Once administrative processes were streamlined and the most appropriate learning methods were identified, an e-learning based training course was launched.

The e-learning training facility has proved successful in exploiting previously untapped expertise within the company. The project has since been used as a model across other areas of the Priory Group's work.