An integrated marketing strategy helped the charity Christian Education Movement to improve services, increase revenue and target potential areas of growth.


  • Increased marketing awareness and better understanding of how marketing tools can benefit the organisation
  • Increased revenue from existing income streams
  • New income opportunities nurtured without compromising the charity’s reputation for high quality products and services
  • Better working relationships with external networks, enhancing and strengthening Christian Education Movement (CEM)'s market position
  • A full-time permanent Marketing Manager has been appointed, ensuring the continuation of the work begun under the KTP project.

"The KTP Project has given us access to the marketing expertise at Aston Business School and, through the KTP Associate, the capability to implement and embed these innovative ideas into our operations." (Peter Fishpool, Chief Executive, CEM)

About the research

The Christian Education Movement (CEM) is a small charity based in Birmingham, focusing on religious education in a multi-cultural society. The charity provides advice, resources and opportunities for teaching and learning in schools, churches and family groups.

As a small, non-profit organisation, CEM is reliant on income from its publications, services and sponsors to fund its on-going work. A lack of in-house marketing and business development was beginning to impact on the organisation’s performance, and sales were in decline in most of its business streams.

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Aston Business School provided CEM with the professional input to develop and implement an integrated marketing strategy, which has been embedded in all functions and management procedures.

KTP Associate Jennifer Smith carried out a full assessment of CEM’s market environment to determine the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses and customer perceptions; identify non-performing products and services; and pinpoint potential areas of growth. Collecting and analysing these data enabled CEM to develop effective marketing solutions - helping the charity to exploit new opportunities, strengthen branding and improve market position.