A collaboration between South Tyneside Healthcare NHS Trust, the University of Teesside and the University of Sunderland led to substantial cost savings due to reduced sickness and stress-related absenteeism, and less staff turnover.


  • Through the duration of the KTP project, sickness absence fell by 0.4 per cent, equivalent to approximately £200,000 in savings
  • A further reduction in stress-related absenteeism of five per cent is predicted, saving a further £41,500
  • A predicted reduction in staff turnover from 406 leavers to 375 will result in a further saving of £167,000
  • A complete and comprehensive ‘Healthy Living and Working Strategy’ which continues to benefit the Trust
  • The Trust will share the frameworks and strategies that came out of this KTP project with other NHS healthcare trusts by developing and selling a CD.

"We see the KTP as key to meeting our corporate objective of becoming a World Health Promoting Trust. In addition we have really benefited from the depth of engagement from the university. The partnership continues to be a productive one." (Souman Sengupta, formerly South Tyneside Healthcare NHS Trust)

About the research

South Tyneside Healthcare NHS Trust provides a full range of healthcare services to the local population of 160,000 people. The Trust promotes healthy lifestyles through preventative health initiatives, research programmes and a commitment to realising the full potential of its staff.

The Department of Health’s 'Improving Working Lives' standard makes a commitment to improving the working lives of staff, which in turn increases recruitment and retention. In order to meet this standard, South Tyneside Healthcare NHS Trust recognised that a KTP partnership with the University of Teesside would bring the necessary expertise, and provide the foundation for a healthier environment for patients, visitors and staff.

The project included a number of themes including green policies, nutrition and healthy eating, positive mental health and increased physical activity.

As a result of the KTP, the Trust now has the ability to reduce staff turn-over through increased staff morale and health, a better understanding of staff empowerment, benchmarking and evaluation, and is better equipped to manage organisational change.