Professor Fulong Wu's research into socially sustainable urbanisation is contributing to the shaping of Chinese urban and planning policies.

Professor Fulong Wu at University College London has explored a socially sustainable form of urbanisation and integration of rural migrants in urban China, and he continues to work at the forefront of impacts on Chinese urban and planning policies.

More than half of China's population now lives in cities. Rapid urbanisation has raised profound challenges. Professor Wu's ESRC/DFID jointly funded projects, on 'urban poverty' and 'urban redevelopment and villages', have generated impacts instrumental in urban redevelopment planning and village improvement programmes, reframing debates and enhancing research and professional capacities in the country.

The impact was maximised by collaborating with Chinese academics, engaging with Chinese policymakers and providing continuing professional development to Chinese planning professions to help China achieve a sustainable urban future.

"Professor Fulong Wu's research has inspired our work, especially his study on rural planning and development, and rural environmental improvement. We look forward to working with him again in the future." (Zhou Lan, Director of the Department of Construction, Jiangsu Provincial Government)