This Knowledge Transfer Partnership project helped Dr Foster Intelligence to assess the best way to visualise complex health data on maps - leading to the development of the cutting-edge web application Population Health Manager.


  • The cutting-edge web-based mapping application Population Health Manager (PHM) has been developed, displaying health trends and forecasts within the population
  • Annual sales turnover for Dr Foster is expected to increase by over £300,000 as a result of the KTP and the mapping functionality developed through PHM
  • The company's market position has been further enhanced with its new application because there is no other product currently on the market that offers such advanced mapping. As a result, annual profit before tax is expected to rise by £167,000 in the three years following the project's completion.

"[The] KTP has brought us significant knowledge of geographical analysis and GIS to benefit our business operations. Already the KTP has helped us develop a ground-breaking product for healthcare professionals." (Dr Marc Farr, Head of Product Development, Dr Foster Intelligence Ltd)

Dr Foster Intelligence was set up as a public-private partnership to improve the quality and efficiency of health and social care by making it easier for professionals and the public to access information. In this KTP the company worked with University College London to introduce mapping techniques from geographical information systems (GIS) into the analysis and visualisation tools used to process healthcare statistics.

The aim was to expand the scope of Dr Foster's software products and supplement existing analysis and visualisation tools in order to expand the company's market potential. The Knowledge Transfer Partnership provided Dr Foster Intelligence with knowledge of mapping techniques and helped the company to assess the best way to visualise large, complex datasets on maps.

KTP Associate Jessica Wardlaw provided expertise for geographical analysis and mapping applications, helping the company to develop the web-based application Population Health Manager.

The application is designed to provide commissioners and public health professionals with insight and intelligence to help monitor trends and forecast health needs within the population. It will provide clear visual data to help Primary Care Trusts to segment the local population and understand local health issues, such as potential inequalities.