Research from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) has been referenced in government strategy papers and informed US anti-poverty strategy.

The impact of the government's welfare reforms on expenditure patterns in low-income families with children has been examined by the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO). The research has informed government welfare policy.


  • CMPO's analysis was referenced in the 2005 Pre-Budget Report document Support for Parents: the best start for children and in the 2006 edition of the Department for Work and Pensions' annual strategy document Opportunity for All.
  • Charities such as Save the Children used the research to highlight the higher prices paid by the poor for basic necessities such as fuel and banking.
  • In 2007 the research was also used in testimony to the United States House Committee on Ways and Means as relevant to the formation of a US anti-poverty strategy.