Professor Paula Jarzabkowski's research on supply and demand in the re-insurance industry led to behaviour change in major international companies and high-profile industry debate.

As a result of three interlinked projects funded collaboratively by the ESRC and industry, Professor Paula Jarzabkowski at City University has had global business impact on the re-insurance industry. She gained deep insights and a global overview of industry supply and demand through applying the ethnographic research method.

Professor Jarzabkowski identified a potential systemic risk, arising from an industry trend for increased complexity and global connectivity in re-insurance products. She developed a suite of tools to diagnose industry change and enable firms to address changes through improved strategic positioning, relationship management, risk analysis and risk trading.

Impact was maximised through tailored reports and company-specific strategy development workshops to participating companies in the UK, continental Europe, USA, Bermuda, and Asia. The results have been observable in firm behaviour change and high-profile industry debate about systemic risk.

"Professor Jarzabkowski's work has had tangible benefits through the specific frameworks, tools and diagnostics she has developed. They bring an academic perspective that shows the big picture but is also practical." (Bronek Masojada, Chief Executive, Hiscox Group)