Nine existing ESRC research centres have been awarded a total of just under £10.5 million in follow-on 'centres transition funding' to continue their pioneering social science research and activities to increase the use of their research in policy and practice. 

Research organisations will support this follow-on period with a substantial co-funding total of £19.7 million in partnership with ESRC to secure the long term sustainability of social science centres of research excellence in the UK. The nine centres are:

Professor Jennifer Rubin, ESRC’s Executive Chair said: "We are delighted that these nine centres have secured transitional funding. The breadth of social science that these centres of excellence encompass illustrates the strength of UK social science. This funding will support these centres and help set them on a path to long term sustainability. This model for funding social science research centres in partnership with research organisations in the UK recognises their strategic and financial benefits and their potential for making a contribution to better lives nationally and internationally."