Pathways to Impact: Research Councils call specific guidance now available

In January, UK Research and Innovation announced changes to requirements on ‘Pathways to Impact’.

Applicants to UK Research and Innovation – including the Research Councils – will no longer be required to provide a ‘Pathways to Impact’ plan or complete an ‘Impact Summary’ within grant applications from 1 March 2020.

The removal of ‘Pathways to Impact’ and the ‘Impact Summary’ sections within Je-S is a large-scale and complex process change. To make this change from 1 March 2020, Je-S will be updating schemes across UKRI throughout the working week 24-29 February.

Je-S will not close to make this change and schemes will appear to update on Je-S once the change is implemented. The complex nature of this process prevents us from publishing a timetable indicating when each scheme will be updated.

The call-specific guidance published by the awarding Research Council will detail how this change is being managed in each case can be located at the following:

A FAQ regarding this change is available here (PDF, 144KB).

The impact agenda is vital - UK Research and Innovation exists to fund the researchers who generate the knowledge that society needs, and the innovators who can turn this knowledge into public benefit.

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