By submitting my application, I agree to:

  • submit my application via the online form
  • display the ESRC Festival logo on all promotional materials, web pages and correspondence relating to the event, in compliance with the ESRC Festival branding guidelines
  • make it clear to attendees my event is part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science
  • use the #ESRCFestival hashtag when promoting my event on social media
  • provide an appropriate delivery address (not a PO Box), on the details and materials form, for the ESRC to send promotional items for the event (this includes any banner requested and ESRC information cards, so please ensure the address and contact provided is at the venue or you have suitable transport arrangements).
  • provide an appropriate contact and address for the purchase order to be supplied, in order to claim any agreed funding
  • provide the ESRC with event information by the required deadline, failure to do so may result in your event not being promoted in the online programme by ESRC
  • accept that the information provided will be reviewed and may be re-written by a journalist to ensure my event is marketed to my target audience
  • notify the Festival team of any changes as soon as they arise (date, time, speakers or venue only)
  • I acknowledge that the accuracy of the Festival website depends solely upon the information provided by event organisers
  • provide ESRC Festival of Social Science evaluation forms (paper or link to online form) to all those who attend the event (forms used must be those provided by ESRC, and must not be edited)
  • return all completed paper feedback forms to the ESRC, in their original format (not scanned or photocopied) no later than 30 November 2019
  • complete the online organiser evaluation of my event (a link to this form will be provided at the start of the Festival) by 20 December 2019
  • display ESRC Festival branded banners and posters at the event
  • return the banner to the ESRC within one month of the event, at my expense, to the address on the label attached to the banner bag. Failure to do so may lead to a charge for the cost of the banner (currently £100 per banner).
  • submit an invoice to claim up to the amount awarded no later than 20 December 2019 (for sponsored events only).

By submitting an application to organise a schools or young people activity, I agree to:

  • secure dates and anticipated numbers with the school or youth group before the end of the 2018-19 school year
  • provide written correspondence to demonstrate the school or youth group's commitment in your application.

By submitting my application, I acknowledge that my event will:

  • be aimed at a non-academic audience (events aimed at an academic audience are not eligible to be part of the Festival)
  • be held during the week of the ESRC Festival of Social Science (2-9 November 2019)
  • fit with the aims and objectives of the Festival
  • feature social science (with involvement of a social scientist)
  • be held in the UK
  • be free to attend.

By submitting my application, I confirm I have read and understood the applicant guidelines.