We have run public dialogues and undertaken research syntheses to inform our activities.

Public dialogues on the (re)use of private sector data for social research

In 2015 the ESRC commissioned Hopkins Van Mil to carry out public dialogues on the (re)use of private sector data for social research to inform the work of its three Data Research Centres: the Consumer Data Research Centre, the Urban Big Data Centre and the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre.

Public dialogues on using administrative data

We collaborated with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2013 to run a series of public dialogues across the UK to understand better how people view using and linking administrative data for research.

Community engagement and mobilisation: critique of a public dialogue day

As part of the Connected Communities Programme's joint AHRC/ESRC two-stage grant application process in 2012 a 'Dialogue Day' was included to enable direct engagement between applicants and participants. The Science Communication Unit at the University of the West of England undertook a critique to assess whether the objectives of the Dialogue Day had been met.

Developing Dialogue - Learned Societies in the Social Sciences: Developing Knowledge Transfer and Public Engagement  

The ESRC and the Academy of Social Sciences report (from 2008) on the knowledge transfer and public engagement activities undertaken by social science learned societies, and recommendations on how to enhance these activities.

Research syntheses

As part of our Science in Society strategy, we are committed to supporting research and ensuring that the findings are disseminated widely to those involved in the delivery of activity and policy development.

We have jointly commissioned several reviews, covering a variety of science in society topics. The reviews aim to summarise what is already known from published and current research, and to highlight what further research questions remain.