We've created some exciting careers resources to help young people explore the option of studying social sciences at university and possible career prospects, both inside and outside of a research setting.

Careers in research

A series of research career profiles, providing an insight into life as a researcher and the different careers paths researchers take. These profiles are of researchers who have been funded by the ESRC, either as a postgraduate studying for their PhD, a postdoctoral fellow, or a research fellow.

    s part of marking ESRC's 50th anniversary we have asked a selection of leading ESRC-funded researchers to share impressions from their own careers and thoughts on the role of social science in society.

    Shortly after their doctorate, 47% of doctoral graduates are employed in higher education, so just over half are in other employment sectors. 

    What do researchers do? is a series of research publications exploring how highly-skilled doctoral graduates contribute to UK society, culture and economy. The series builds a picture of the employment destinations of researchers and the value they add.

    Careers in social science: subject guides

    These subject guides have been written to provide simple definitions of social science subjects, possible career and further study options for each. Each guide also contains details of sources for further information.

    Career guides from other organisations