A series of research career profiles, providing an insight into life as a researcher and the different careers paths researchers take. The profiles below are for researchers who have been funded by the ESRC, either as a postgraduate studying for their PhD, a postdoctoral fellow, or a research fellow.

Aisha Hutchinson
Dr Aisha Hutchinson
Postdoctoral research fellow 

School of Social Work Studies, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, University of Southampton

Aisha applies her experience as a social worker, along with her academic skills to understand why some individuals and families cope better than others when facing difficult life experiences.

Andrew Karvonen
Dr Andrew Karvonen 
Research fellow 

Manchester Architecture Research Centre, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester

Andrew Karvonen is a social scientist and design practitioner whose research explores the social, cultural and political aspects of urban sustainability.

Dr Chris Boyce
Postdoctoral research fellow 
School of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester

With a background in economics and psychology, Chris Boyce is keen to discover what the factors are that contribute to a sense of personal wellbeing, and how changes in circumstances like a promotion at work, a salary increase or unemployment affect how happy we are.

Dr Christina Marie Scharff
Lecturer in Culture, Media and Creative Industries 
School of Arts and Humanities, King's College London

Christine Marie Scharff is carrying out research into engagements with feminism, and young women's experiences of working in the cultural industries in two capital cities - London and Berlin.

Dr Donhatai Harris
Career development fellow 
Department of Economics, University of Oxford

Donhatai Harris uses brain-scanning techniques to help understand how our brains operate when making decisions in large groups, and what are the factors that influence how likely it is than an individual will conform to a group.

Dr Joanna Brooks
Research Fellow 
Centre for Applied Psychological Research, School of Human and Health Sciences

As a psychologist, Joanna Brooks researches how the presence of 'significant others' can affect how a person with a chronic condition experiences the illness, and the extent to which they are able to lead a fulfilling life.

Dr Lidia Panico
Research Associate 
Gender Institute, London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Lidia Panico's work draws on researcher's expertise and powerful statistics to make sense of vast sets of data. Her research helps provide evidence on effective family structure and the wellbeing of children.