Below are some suggestions for other useful teaching resources for schools on Europe and Brexit and a wide variety of other topics.


Despite the prominent and sometimes controversial role that the European Union - an economic and political partnership between 28 European countries - has on our economy, laws, and way of life in Britain, people in the UK remain largely ignorant and uninterested in EU politics.

Other topics

  • Which university courses boost graduates' wages the most? Going to university should mean you earn more over your lifetime. Find out how much difference the choice of university and subject actually make on the BBC News website.
  • How would you fund the NHS? This interactive tool, from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, allows you to try to balance the nations budget. Make cuts to other sectors or increase taxes. How will you fund the NHS for the next 15 years?
  • Suffrage and celebrating 100 years of votes for women
    Some great resources for schools from the Parliament website.
  • What actually is a PhD? - Blog
    Hannes Titeca is an ESRC-funded PhD student at the University of Exeter. It is only as I enter the second year of my PhD that I now feel able to start answering this remarkably simple question. Throughout my first year, I found myself constantly updating the few expectations I did have.
  • Speakers4Schools

    This charity is the UK’s committed network of leading figures who want to help encourage the next generation of young people in state schools by directly giving their time to share insights, inspiration and answer their questions through our events.

    Founded by journalist Robert Peston, their services are free and open to all state secondary schools and colleges.

  • They Work for You
    Video on politics and government aimed at young people.
  • Young people's well-being: 2017
    Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics on the well-being of young people aged 16-24.
  • The Budget 2017
    The Institute for Fiscal Studies have produced a number of very useful resources and informative set of videos covering the Budget 2017 (via YouTube).
    Institute for Fiscal Studies YouTube Videos
  • Why Do Scientists Do What Scientists Do?
    A site developed to help non-scientists, or student embarking on a career in science, to understand 'the scientific mind-set' produced by Keele University.
  • ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre
    The ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) works with consumer-related organisations opening up their data resources for social and economic research. The CDRC Maps website maps selected datasets from the CDRC, which following the introduction of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in to the Geography curriculum is being used in secondary school course guides both for GCSE and ‘A’ Levels.
  • Learn about and participate in research with Zooteach
    Lessons and resources for students or all ages and in introduction to citizen science. Progress to participate in research with Zooniverse.
  • Exploring migration: Research and drama in schools
    Research from the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) project 'Undocumented Migrant Children' brought to life in theatre performances for schools.
  • SchoolScience
    Lighting the Night - How can street lighting make people feel safe as well as reducing energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Understanding and preventing youth crime in Scotland - a schools resource (AQMeN)
    A downloadable booklet presenting the findings from a survey of school children in Glasgow and Edinburgh, aged 12-16, who participated in the UPYC (Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime) Survey in 2015. The young people were asked about their everyday lives and experiences of being a victim of crime and being involved in crime.
  • Using data intelligently 
    These short animations show how data is de-identified to ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained when it is being used by researchers via the Administrative Data Research Network. The Administrative Data Research Network is a UK-wide partnership between universities, government departments and agencies, national statistics authorities, the third sector, funders and researchers. 
  • What Britain Thinks Quiz 
    Based on data from their well known British Social Attitudes survey, Natcen have developed this quiz which you can use to test your students knowledge of British attitudes to things like politics, unemployment and relationships.
  • Election 2015 - What Britain Thinks Quiz 
    A further quiz from Natcen themed around the 2015 general election.
    The Westminster Faith Debates are a series of free, public events held in central London every spring. RE:ONLINE have been able to tag the videos of each debate, link them to GCSE and A Level syllabuses for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, and WJEC, and provide broad lesson plans and ideas for how each video might be used. This was achieved with the assistance of the University of Lancaster's Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion and the Westminster Faith Debates team.
  • TES Connect 
    TES is home to the world’s largest online network of teachers and boasts more than 625,000 teaching resources - many developed by teachers for teachers. The wealth of free resources on TES allows education professionals to share and benefit from each other’s resources and lesson plans.
  • BSA Teaching Group 
    The Association of the Teaching of Social Sciences became a special interest group of the British Sociological Association in 2012, it is now known as the BSA Teaching Group. It is a network for those keen to further the interests of sociology teaching and aims to promote social sciences in primary, secondary and higher education.
  • Participation Works 
    They offer a number of downloadable resources for young people, such as how to guides and case studies.
  • STEPS Centre 
    The STEPS Centre is an interdisciplinary global research and policy engagement hub, funded by the ESRC. Their website has a number of engaging videos, podcasts, articles and publications on a number of different topics.
  • EducatorLabs 
    EducatorLabs is comprised of school librarians and media specialists who volunteer as curators and conservators of the scholastic web. They offer a free resource finding service for educators.
  • Which? University - Economics 
    A resource for finding out more about studying economics at degree level, including specialisms, example modules and subject requirements.
  • Debating Matters
    Debating Matters, sponsored by the ESRC, is a debating competition for sixth form students run by the Institute of Ideas.
  • Bright Knowledge 
    The essential guide to careers, education and student life.
  • Why Team Building
    Useful resource on the mental and physical effects of bullying.
  • Ultimate guide to debate resources
    A useful guide to debating resources for teachers from Wise Old Sayings.