Neil Wrigley

Outstanding Impact in Business

Professor Neil Wrigley, University of Southampton
Research by Professor Neil Wrigley and colleagues has helped transform thinking on food retail development, its role in sustaining viable town centres and the future of UK high streets.

Debra Myhill

Outstanding Impact in Society

Professor Debra Myhill, University of Exeter
A decade of research into the development of writing in school-aged children led by Professor Debra Myhill has shaped policy, improved children’s writing abilities and changed classroom practice.

Clifford Stott

Outstanding Impact in Public Policy

Dr Clifford Stott, University of Leeds
New approaches to crowd psychology, based on research by Dr Clifford Stott, are helping police manage the potential for conflict in crowds while allowing people's rights to protest.

Sabine Alkire

Outstanding International Impact

Dr Sabina Alkire, University of Oxford
An innovative method for measuring poverty, developed by Dr Sabina Alkire and colleagues, is helping governments and organisations to design effective poverty-reduction programmes.

Hannah Lambie-Mumford

Outstanding Early Career Impact

Hannah Lambie-Mumford, University of Sheffield
Hannah Lambie-Mumford’s research on emergency food provision has provided policymakers, the charitable sector and media with evidence to inform the food poverty debate.

David Hendry

Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Sir David Hendry, University of Oxford
Over five decades Professor Hendry has developed macroeconomic models capturing how economies work, which are now embedded in software widely used by policymakers and decision-makers.


Outstanding Impact in Society

Dr Lorna Warren, University of Sheffield
Dr Lorna Warren developed a pioneering project in which older women explored their experience of ageing through art, providing the impetus for a campaign challenging ageism and sexism through a range of policy and school-based initiatives. 

Outstanding Impact in Public Policy

Professor Shadd Maruna, Queen's University Belfast
Professor Shadd Maruna and the team behind the Desistance Knowledge Exchange (DesKE) are building upon pioneering research into how offenders move away from crime, transforming the practice of offender rehabilitation in the UK and beyond.

Outstanding International Impact

Dr Stuart Basten, University of Oxford 
In-depth research by Dr Stuart Basten into Asian fertility helped convince the United Nations to revise its influential forecasts on future population trends, with particularly large effects for Pacific Asian economies.

Outstanding Early Career Impact

Olivia Maynard, University of Bristol 
Moves to impose plain packaging for cigarettes, including Australia's 2012 legislation on standardised packaging and the recent UK commitment to do the same, have been strongly influenced by Olivia Maynard's research into tobacco packaging.

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