There are six categories for the 2018 Celebrating Impact Prize.

Outstanding Impact in Business and Enterprise

This prize will recognise outstanding research which has brought about impact with business and enterprise. This category includes impact with for profit business and social and community enterprises. Trading and commercial arms of not for profit enterprises including HEIs can be included. Impact could include a direct benefit to an individual business, group of enterprises or a sector through innovation or direct change in practice or management structures, or through utilisation of new skills and training activities. Entries should be supported by evidence of the benefit or take up.

Outstanding Impact in Public Policy

This prize will recognise research that has contributed to the development of UK public policy, at the local, regional or national government level. This could include direct changes in policy, changes to how decision-makers view issues and the development of more effective and efficient practice by professionals or the users of public services. Entries should be supported by evidence that the research has been taken up and used by policymakers and public service practitioners.

Outstanding Impact in Society

This prize will recognise research that has made a contribution benefitting a specific group of the public or society more widely. This could include impacts from working with local or community groups, charities or wider society. Entries should be supported by evidence that the research has made a difference.

Outstanding International Impact

This prize will recognise research that has achieved impact at an international level across countries in business, policy or societal issues.

Applicants wishing to apply to the Outstanding International category must demonstrate collaboration across multiple countries and an impact in a country outside of the place where the research has been undertaken.

Where an impact has occurred in the same country as the research undertaken, applicants should apply to the above categories only.

Outstanding Early Career Impact

This prize will recognise social scientists at the beginning of their academic careers who have achieved or show potential in achieving outstanding impacts in any of the above categories. Applications are welcome from current ESRC doctoral students and past students whose ESRC studentship funding ended on or after 23 November 2013.

Impact Champion

This prize will recognise an individual academic (nominated by a third party or self-nominated) who has a significant track record in supporting and enabling others to achieve impact. The individual will be an advocate of innovative approaches and behaviours and inspire others to collaborate and co-produce research for maximum impact.