Once your brand is in place, you will need to build in some simple evaluation measures to make sure it is applied consistently.

Common problems include:

  • inconsistent application of the brand and identity guidelines 
  • development of sub-brands and mini-logos.

It is worth carrying out regular checks every six months or so to see if your brand is being applied consistently. Someone within the organisation can do this, or you could ask an external person to give an independent check.

Techniques to use include:

  • A regular survey of all visual material. Does it all look as though it comes from the same organisation? Can you isolate where breaches of the brand guidelines are occurring? 
  • Obtaining user feedback regularly and updating the style guide and brand guidelines. Is it clear to users what is required and what help is available? 
  • Reviewing electronic communications regularly for user friendliness, design and compliance with official guidelines. 
  • 'Mystery shopping': visiting or telephoning key sites, sitting in on presentations and other spot checks on the use of the brand guidelines in practice. What does it feel like to have contact with your organisation? It is conveying a consistent brand? 
  • Assessing any other sources of information on overall perceptions such as reviews of overall communications strategy or analysis of media coverage. Is the message getting across in the right way?