Branding makes all your output instantly recognisable as belonging to your project. Your brand should reflect the overall objectives and values of your research.

The brand is the promise that you make to your customer

The Financial Times once described a brand as something that 'exists in the collective mind of the consumer'. Wally Olins, a leading authority on branding, defines it as an organisation's 'personality'.

Using the ESRC brand

The ESRC's brand is a valuable asset. We want to build recognition of our brand by creating a distinct, memorable and consistent identity. When you use ESRC branding, it is important that you follow our identity guidelines.

It is important to think about how and when you will use the ESRC brand at the outset of your research project. You can do this by including a statement on branding in your strategy.

Bear in mind that the appearance and position of the ESRC's visual brand can be determined by a range of factors – for example in jointly funded projects the differing levels of support provided may influence the prominence of different brands.