You may want to apply your brand across a wide range of materials, including social media, presentations, promotional items and other formats.

Before you do, bear in mind:

  • The format has to be 'fit for purpose'
    For example, a video may sound like a great idea but it can be expensive, and is the right channel to reach your target audience? For further guidance, see the sections on targeting audiences and choosing channels in the guide to developing an impact strategy
  • Have a clear brief and budget
  • If you use a third party to produce materials, videos or other branded media, make sure the contractor is clear about your brand. There can be a high cost in terms of your brand in getting it wrong. Make sure that the contractor understands your overall impact plan and complies with your branding guidelines


Ensure that your brand is promoted consistently during presentations to external audiences. This can include presentations in a range of formal and informal settings, including large conferences, smaller seminars and one-to-one sessions.

Some key points to bear in mind:

  • As part of the work on your corporate identity, you should develop a set of templates for presentation slides. These should include your logo/ESRC logo, any agreed strapline and corporate colours. 
  • The templates should include standard slides on the main messages and objectives of the project. 
  • Anyone giving presentations should have training in presentation skills. It is good practice to encourage even seasoned presenters to take refresher courses from time to time. 
  • Every presenter should also have a 'core script' and briefing notes including key messages, useful facts and figures and case study examples. 
  • Every presenter should be equipped with material to leave with the audience, such as brochures, leaflets or information packs