Plan your post-event activities at the outset. To wrap up an event, you need to:

  • Evaluate the event
    Collate all the feedback forms to assess the success of the event against the original objectives. Decide whether any further follow-up work is required.
  • Thank the chair and speakers
    Email or send letters to all speakers thanking them for their presentation and giving them feedback from the evaluation forms. Thank the chair for their time and give them some feedback on the day.
  • Send out a press release and photograph to key journalists who expressed an interest in the event but were unable to turn up. Provide them with contact details for key speakers so that they can write a post-conference news story or commission a feature based on one of the speaker's presentations
  • Consider publishing a post-conference report, including transcripts or summaries of the key speakers' presentations. The report could be sent directly to delegates and made available in PDF format from the website (with an email sent to all delegates and others who were unable to attend). Don't leave this too long after the event.

Further actions

  • Decide if any further actions are required to meet your objectives.
  • Arrange for equipment to be collected
    Ensure any equipment is ready for pick-up from the venue by a pre-arranged courier service, and in accordance with the venue's instructions.