One month before the event

  • Finalise menus and catering arrangements.
  • Finalise hotel room requirements.
  • Confirm final audio visual requirements.
  • Send final details to delegates including location maps and the programme.
  • Draft the staffing list for main conference and any workshop or breakout sessions.
  • Keep speakers informed of progress (for example give them the revised programme and a copy of the guest list).
  • Send the chairperson his or her brief, along with a list of delegates and speakers' biographies.
  • Finalise the details of any post-conference report – are you hiring an outside writer or asking speakers to edit their papers for the report?
  • If you are compiling delegate packs for more than 100 delegates begin to compile these. If you have less than 100 you can do this one week before.

One week before the event

  • Ensure all printed materials are ready.
  • Contact all speakers and the chairperson.
  • Prepare name badges, programmes, menus and signage.
  • Brief the staff working on the day, ensuring they know their specific responsibilities, for example:  
    • who is responsible for the roving microphone
    • who will lead late arrivals to their places
    • who will look after the chairperson and speakers.
  • Notify caterers of final numbers and special dietary requirements of any individuals.
  • Contact the conference organiser, venue, audio visual company, speakers and chairperson to ensure they are clear about all aspects of the event.