If you have a website you need to make sure that people know about it and can easily find it. You should consider the ways that users would be most likely to find information about your resources. 

Marketing the site

You may want to use your website to promote specific projects or initiatives or just to raise the general awareness of your online presence. Raising awareness of your site needs to happen before people will go and use it.

Website marketing should appear as an element of your impact plan. Your website URL should appear on all your communication materials, eg publications, marketing materials, conference and workshop resources, social media profiles and email signatures. You can also use social media resources such as Twitter to publicise new content.

Search engine optimisation

It is important to ensure that your website can be picked up by search engines. Many people look for a site by typing a name into a search engine like Google rather than typing in the full URL into the address bar.

You need to make sure that the search engine can find your site and when it does, can feed back to the user information about the site and its contents. 

Our search engine optimisation guidance provides tips to help rank your content higher in search engines.

Social media

You can use social media to help promote your website and specific content items. For example, you could send tweets that include links to any new content that you publish. This could help drive traffic to your site.

Twitter is a quick and easy way to communicate with your audience. You could consider setting up a Twitter account but ensure that you have the resource to monitor and update it. 

If you already have a Twitter account you could add a Twitterfeed for your account to your website’s homepage and other pages.

For further information see our social media and Twitter guidance.