Your website needs to be designed and structured so that it allows users to easily find the information they require.


Your website needs to be structured in a logical and user-focused way.

You should:

  • group content into logical categories (website sections) that have clear and meaningful titles.
  • create a hierarchy of pages: use your homepage and section landing pages to direct users to the relevant content.
  • use a consistent layout across your site (ideally controlled through a small set of page templates or with cascading style sheets (CSS))


You need to ensure that your users can easily navigate around your website. Many of your users could arrive on your website from a search engine or a link from another site, so clear navigation options must be available on all pages.

You should:

  • include prominent links to main sections and important pages on all your pages, eg by using top and side navigation menus and bars.
  • include consistent navigation options across all pages.
  • include links to related content.

You could also include some additional navigation features such as breadcrumb links and a sitemap.