Horizon 2020 is the EU's research and innovation funding programme. It runs from 2014-2020 and has a budget of €80 billion.

Draft regulations published by the European Commission

This draft regulation, “on measures concerning the implementation and financing of the general budget of the Union in 2019 in relation to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union” would come into play in a no-deal scenario. This outlines a plan to allow the UK to continue participating in EU programmes until 31 December 2019, in return for continuing to contribute to the 2019 budget as if a Member State. Whatever the outcome, in the event of a no-deal, the government’s Underwrite and Post EU Exit Guarantee will both still stand. This ensures that UK organisations, such as charities, businesses and universities, will continue to receive funding over a project’s lifetime if they successfully bid into EU-funded programmes before the end of 2020, even in the event of a no-deal.

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New UKRI system needs community input on Horizon 2020 grants

A new system is being rolled out as a first step towards supporting the continuity of funding for UK organisations which have been awarded grants from Horizon 2020. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is asking recipients of Horizon 2020 grants to input basic information about their awards into a bespoke portal.

UK participation in Horizon 2020: UK government overview 

The government has published updated information for UK applicants to Horizon 2020, the EU's flagship programme for science and innovation. 

This document provides an overview of the situation for UK applicants following the June EU Council. It also offers further detail about the UK's commitment to underwrite funding and the extension to the UK's funding guarantee until the end of Horizon 2020.

UK Research Office (UKRO) is the European Office of the UK research councils.

2018-20 Work Programme Information Days

Following the release of the 2018-20 Work Programmes for Horizon 2020, a series of information days discussing Societal Challenge Six: Europe in a changing world, as well as wider research funding opportunities for social sciences and humanities available in Horizon 2020 were held across the UK in the autumn of 2017. The PowerPoint slides for this event are available below:

If you would like to be kept apprised of further developments relating to H2020 Societal Challenge Six, as well as future events, please contact challenge6ncp@esrc.ukri.org and ask to be added to the mailing list.

National Contact Points

We currently host the UK National Contact Point covering the following areas of Horizon 2020. The National Contact Points offer advice, information and guidance to (potential) participants and feed comments and issues raised by the UK research community back to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).