The Joint Fund was set up in 2005 to commission world class social science research that addresses the goal of reducing poverty among the poorest countries and people globally. Part of a broader strategic partnership between the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID, now FCDO) and ESRC, the Joint Fund aims to fund research which provides a robust conceptual and empirical basis for development with strong potential for impact on policy and practice for poverty reduction.

Funding has been awarded in three phases to date, with regular research calls generating a portfolio of more than 130 grants across a broad range of topics. These provide a rich source of development research evidence, both from individual grants and their Pathways to Impact, and also through research syntheses and other programme-level impact activity that pulls together learning from across the Portfolio.

The Impact Initiative

In addition to building high quality evidence, the programme also aims to ensure that the research is used and has an impact on policy in developing countries. The Impact Initiative was contracted in spring 2015 to support the uptake and impact of research funded under the Joint Fund and the ESRC-FCDO Raising Learning Outcomes Programme. Visit the Impact Initiative for more information.