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This one-day event in September 2014 included speakers from the funders and the policy and practice communities, as well as a range of workshop sessions run by grant holders themselves. This page provides access to summaries and presentations from the workshops and plenary sessions at the event.

Plenary sessions

Turning funding into impact: perspectives from ESRC and DFID
Craig Bardsley, Head of International Development Research, ESRC (on behalf of Adrian Alsop, Director of Research, Partnerships and International, ESRC)

Peter Evans, Team Leader, Governance, Conflict and Social Development Research Team, Research and Evidence Division, DFID

Planning for impact: the DEGRP approach
Louise Shaxson, Research Fellow, Research and Policy in Development
Caroline Cassidy, RAPID - Communications Officer, Research and Policy in Development, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Multidimensional poverty measurement: Informing policy around the world
Sabina Alkire, Director, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)

ESRC impact evaluation: understanding the contributions of social science
Margaret Macadam, Principal Impact Evaluation Manager, ESRC

Research that supports better practice: what NGOs find useful
Sarah Mistry, Director of Effectiveness and Learning, British Overseas NGOs for Development (BOND)

Workshop sessions

Adding up for impact: How ICDDR,B takes influence from the project-level to the centre-level
Tanvir Ahmed, International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B)

Maximising the impact of research into the socio-economic costs of unsafe and safe abortion in Zambia: processes, choices, activities and questions
Ernestina Coast, LSE

Mainstreaming disability in poverty alleviation research: Challenges, opportunities and lessons learned
Maria Kett, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre

Impact of gender projects
Wendy Olsen, University of Manchester

Fostering and monitoring legacy
Mark Pelling, King’s College London

Promoting impact in policy circles: negotiating the gaps between youth practice and public policy in a youth-focused research study in sub-Saharan Africa
Gina Porter, Durham University

Engaging with policymakers – who should do it?
Sarah White, University of Bath

Participatory Action Research: a methodology for impact
Nicola Yeates, Open University