ADR Wales - part of ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK) - is an ESRC-funded partnership bringing together world-renowned data science experts, leading academics and specialist teams within Welsh Government to produce evidence that shapes future policy decisions in Wales. The partnership is ideally placed to maximise the utility of anonymous and secure data to shape public service delivery, which will ultimately improve the lives of people in Wales.

ADR Wales unites specialists in each field from Swansea University Medical School and the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) at Cardiff University with statisticians, economists and social researchers from Welsh Government. The cutting-edge data analysis techniques and research excellence developed, along with the world-renowned SAIL Databank, allow the delivery of robust, secure and informative research.

The data linked and analysed by ADR Wales aims to address the priority areas for action in Wales, as identified in the Welsh Government’s national strategy Prosperity for All. Early years, housing, social care, mental health, wellbeing, skills and employment and emerging government priorities such as decarbonisation will be at the centre of the partnership’s work.

ADR Wales’ work will enable Welsh Government to understand far more about the relationship between different areas of service provision – for example, the link between health and housing – and to better understand the experiences of people as they move through different services. This will in turn support the development of better integrated policy to support future generations.

ADR Wales builds on a history of using innovative methods and infrastructure to securely link and analyse anonymised data. Previous analysis has contributed to the development, monitoring and evaluation work of Welsh Government policy interventions. This includes the following reports: Fuel Poverty; the homelessness support programme Supporting People; and the early years development programme Flying Start.