Thirteen international research consortia have been awarded funding in the first Belmont Forum call. These consortia will develop novel, transferable approaches to the assessment and management of Coastal Vulnerability and to the delivery of Freshwater Security in order to facilitate decision-making for 'wicked' problems that inevitably involve trade-offs (eg between ecosystems services and livelihoods or lifestyles).

UK researchers are participating in eight of the consortia (five in the Coastal Vulnerability Theme and three in the Freshwater Security Theme), jointly supported by NERC and ESRC at a level of approximately €2.5 million (which leverages a further approximately €8.4 million from partner organisations).

Coastal Vulnerability consortia will focus on the characterisation of natural process-human interactions that govern coastal vulnerability and resilience, and on the development of predictive frameworks and adaptive coastal management strategies that support the evolution of resilient coastal communities.

Freshwater Security consortia will focus on the identification and characterization of natural process-human practices interactions that govern water budgeting in selected regions, and on the development of approaches that support the evolution of resilient communities/regions through improved seasonal (months to multi-year) forecasting of droughts, taking into account natural (hydro-meteorological) and socio-economic drivers.