The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) will advance climate change policy by improving both the evidence base for decision-makers and the tools and implementation strategies available to them. To do this, a combination of qualitative and quantitative studies will be conducted by a highly interdisciplinary team working across four interlinked research programmes:

  • Developing climate science and economics: improving our understanding of the uncertainties in climate models, making advances in climate change economics and developing the user-relevance of the models
  • Climate change governance for a new global deal:
    • improving our understanding of the political processes which affect the way that international agreements are reached and implemented
    • understanding the implications for human rights and social justice and the role of non-governmental actors in voluntary climate change initiatives
  • Adaptation to climate change and human development: identifying vulnerability 'hotspots', testing the equity and feasibility of different strategies to reduce vulnerability in different socio-economic and political conditions
  • Governments, markets and the mitigation of climate change: developing efficient and effective strategies for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and for the development and diffusion of low-carbon technologies by improving understanding of producer and consumer responses to different policy instruments and governance frameworks