CeLSIUS is a research support unit for analysis of the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Longitudinal Study (LS) which is a complete set of linked census records from 1971-2001 and in future 2011 for 1 per cent individuals, together with data for various demographic events. It currently includes records for over 950,000 study members and also people living in the same household. The data is analysed in anonymised form.

This project provides users with support in using the data between 2012 and 2017 including the analysis of 2011 data when it becomes available in 2013.The objectives are to:

  • provide expert user support for data specification, extraction and analysis in a timely and transparent fashion
  • extend the LS user base through outreach, publicity and promotional activities; support new and existing users through the revision and updating of tutorial materials and website
  • liaison with the UK LS Hub (and, via the Hub, the RSUs for the Longitudinal Studies of Scotland and Northern Ireland) and the ONS in promotion, facilitation and management of research use of the ONS LS including metadata harmonisation
  • collaboration with the UK Data Service Core and Census Support Service
  • contribute to discussions about planning the 2021 Census or its alternatives.