The principal aim of the Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) is to inform debate on the microeconomic effects of public policies, addressing the growing need for sound evaluation and careful analysis of public policy. To do this effectively, the objectives include:

  • development and application of cutting-edge microeconomic research methods to analyse the scope for successful policy intervention, and to evaluate past and proposed policy changes
  • provision of highly developed network access to firm-level and household-level databases, with detailed simulation models of how the fiscal system affects individuals and firms
  • collaboration with leading researchers in related disciplines in other centres and elsewhere in the UK and abroad
  • provision of expert training and supervision for younger researchers, giving them close links to the policy arena
  • active dissemination of research findings to a wide range of users in the academic and policy communities, and engagement in the policy debate.

The scientific research at the Centre is organised and co-ordinated around four related areas of public policy:

  • work
  • savings
  • wealth creation
  • welfare