Vast amounts of UK consumer data are generated each day, providing valuable insight to help organisations operate more efficiently. It’s not just businesses that benefit. Researchers can utilise data to make the UK a better place.Our aim is to work with organisations to open up their data to our trusted researchers so we can provide solutions that drive economic growth and improve our society.

Big Data are continually changing (eg traffic sensors), the data are diverse (eg demographics, movement patterns, social networks, lifestyles and attitudes) and becoming increasingly voluminous.

Retail and consumer organisations - from groceries to telecommunications - have been leading the way in the creation and extraction of value from Big Data. The CDRC will capitalise on the growing realisation that Big Consumer Data can also provide unique insights into social science questions, for example relating to prosperity, deprivation and exclusion, physical movement and behaviour patterns, healthy living, crime, family activities and social networks. The CDRC will:

  • bring together diverse sources of consumer data within a secure environment
  • produce tools for the anonymisation, aggregation and analysis of big consumer data
  • develop flagship research projects which demonstrate the value of consumer data
  • create the means for widespread access to these data amongst academic research users
  • develop access mechanisms and joint research with business, government and the general public
  • make an important contribution to training and capacity-building in consumer data analytics.

The centre brings together researchers from the University of Leeds, University College London, University of Liverpool and the University of Oxford to offer a range of expert services to a wide range of users.