Eight European research consortia have been awarded funding as part of JPI Urban Europe’s joint funding call on Urban Migration. These consortia will create projects that align, synthesise, or consolidate already existing knowledge on urban migration to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice across different European contexts, and to enable greater understanding and engagement in migrant and host communities. The consortia are formed from transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral teams, with practitioners and non-academic stakeholders engaged from the outset.  

UK researchers are participating in seven of the consortia, jointly supported by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council with approximately €285,000. The other participating countries in the call are Austria, Germany, Latvia and Sweden.

The call focussed on the way that migration affects and is affected by the life and functioning of cities, and was organised by three topic areas:

  1. Socio-spatial integration and citizen involvement
  2. Urban governance of housing issues
  3. Enhancing cities’ administrative capacities and support evidence-based integration policies (managing migration)

The awarded consortia will be bringing together knowledge across the spectrum of these topics, including research into: migrant access to urban resources and services; challenges of housing, including long term, quality and affordable housing; arts as an enabler for social integration; citizen empowerment through participative processes; and sharing space to bring diverse populations together.